We Make Sure that Sponsors are Introduced to TalentThank you to Coca-Cola Zero for Supporting the Cause

Our amazing turn-key sponsorship program enables participants to share overall event costs with other sponsors and mutually benefit from the synergy created by the pooling of resources.

We create a desirable and branded destination for influencers and handle all production, permitting, set up, publicity, talent outreach and media pitching.

Key Benefits for All Our Sponsors:

Our Fabulous Tres Generaciones Tequila Sponsor

  • Enhanced company exposure to celebrities and media as well as increased brand awareness with the general public.
  • One-on-one direct interaction with talent, influencers and media in attendance.
  • Professional photographers and news media outlets will be on hand to capture the experience and promote your products.
  • An impressive way to entertain key buyers, important clients, star employees and/or out-of-town executives (both at the event itself as well as additional VIP only Sunday brunches or sunset cocktail parties).
  • Our team of seasoned professionals has a decade of experience in creating signature events for celebrities, corporations, award shows, production companies and private clients. Capitalize on the glitz, glamor and prestige of our experience dealing with the “unique” logistics involved with throwing events on these exclusive private beaches.
  • Every time you sponsor one of our events you are also giving to the charity tied in with that event.
  • Sponsorship is a win-win-win situation! You have fun, you market your products powerful and effectively and you contribute to charity at the same time.

Available Sponsorship Opportunities:

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